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High Quality Custom Essay Writing Service – that’s a promise you get when you land at Throughout our experience with essay writing services, we learned an important lesson: not all websites live up to these promises. That’s exactly why we decided to write this detailed EduBirdie review. It’s an unusual service, mainly because it works on the bidding principle. That’s a great method for getting a lower price, but you never know what to expect. Not all writers of this service are completely reliable.

When you’re trying to get a high-quality paper, is this the right service to hire? Read this review to find out.

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This is a pretty decent and detailed website, which gives you most of the information you need. When it comes to the types of services you can order, this is the list you get at the homepage:

  • Article
  • Argumentative essay
  • Admission essay
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Assignment
  • Article review
  • Business plan
  • Book/movie review
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative writing
  • Case study
  • Capstone project
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Lab report
  • Presentation
  • Math problem
  • Research paper
  • Research summary
  • Research proposal
  • Statistics project
  • Speech
  • Scholarship essay
  • Term paper
  • Thesis
  • Other

So far, so good, right? Yes, it’s an extensive list of services. However, there’s a problem. When you check the profiles of the writers, you’ll notice they are working on all kinds of services, regardless of their areas of study. There’s one writer who’s worked on projects from accounting, film analysis, sociology, medicine, history, management… you name it. In other words, you’re paying to freelance writers with no previous experience with your topic. Some of these writers may deliver a good-looking paper, but you can’t expect expertise and extremely high level of quality from them. The problem is that some of these writers will deliver paraphrased content that doesn’t meet the uniqueness standards of universities.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

You won’t find a clear list of prices. That’s not a bad thing, since this is a bidding service. This is how it works: you place an order for your project, and you get various offers from different writers. Some of them will bid under $20 per page, others will have a much higher price. As a customer, you have to evaluate the qualifications of the bidders. It’s not smart to hire the one with the cheapest offer. Look for someone with relevant experience on your topic and type of project.

The starting price is $18 per page. That may sound affordable. When you realize there are no discounts, you get a whole other impression. Plus, these are not expert writers. You can’t see their qualifications; only the number of orders they’ve worked on. As it turns out, EduBirdie is not that affordable.

Quality Evaluation

Not impressive. You can’t get the level of quality a true expert with an MA or PhD in the relevant subject area would deliver. Who would write a better history essay? An expert with a PhD in history or someone who knows nothing about the topic? In the second case, you get a writer with basic research skills and an ability to paraphrase content, so it would avoid plagiarism detection software. That may turn out well only in isolated cases. Most of the time, you’re getting content that’s not worth paying for.

Speaking of paying, keep in mind that the price is just as high as the one you would pay for a qualified writer at a more reliable website.

Customer Support

There is a live chat available at this website. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for the customers. They are not getting the assistance they need. The idea is that when you place an order and choose a bidder, you’ll communicate with the writer. That sounds great. The communication with the writer is essential for the success of your order. However, there’s a problem: not all writers are responsive. If you have something to complain about, you’ll have access to a useless support team that doesn’t care about your problems. They will tell you to continue communicating with your writer.

The inefficient customer support system is one of the biggest complaints the customers have about Edu Birdie.

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 6 reviews
by Wayne Cannon on Review
I’m not quite sure what constitutes plagiarism

I’m not quite sure what constitutes plagiarism, but I already saw a line from my paper online on another website! I thought I was getting an original paper, written by professional people who research well and don’t grab content from others. I was disappointed to see that mine wasn’t completely original.

by Daphne Olson on Review
I was not at all expecting such an unprofessional service.

I read many reviews about a possible scam, but I saw a great edubirdie review so I decided to try them out. My biggest disappointment is that the quality is horrendous. It was definitely not written by professionals as they claim it was. It’s a shame I wasted my money on it.

by Steven Ash on Review
2. My cousin gave me a coupon online

My cousin gave me a coupon online, and I was like yeah let’s use it, I need a history paper due. Not only did the discount code fail, meaning it didn’t work at all, they actually told me that I can’t get a paper done with my deadline (which was 2 weeks from that day). Hence, I will never be ordering from these guys, and never recommending that anyone orders either, since from the start they were awful.

It looked like a really cool service at first.

It looked like a really cool service at first. I was surprised with the price, which was not as affordable as expected. Still, I decided to hire a writer for a really important research paper. It was a disaster. First of all, my order was late and the customer service representatives did nothing about it. The service still took my money. The paper was no good and it was too late for revisions.

I got a decent paper once, and that was it.

This was a simple essay on a sociology topic. The writer did pretty well. I came back at edubirdie to order a research paper. This time, it was nowhere near decent. I hired another writer. He did not follow my instructions, although they were very detailed. I guess it’s a game of luck with this service. I’m not willing to play it again.

I don’t have much experience with writing services.

I don’t have much experience with writing services. This was the first one I hired. If all of them are like this, I’ll be really disappointed. Yes, was quite a disappointing experience for me. To think that someone would choose to be a writer and do this so unprofessionally… I don’t know what to say except don’t waste your money here.